Friday, January 21, 2011


Don't you hate it when Recruiters contact you and tell you that you're a great match for an opportunity and then when you call them back they have no ideas about your qualification?  Worst of all the position is probably several hundreds miles away from you.  Seriously?  Before you contact us, please compare our resume to the job description and google map our address to the job location.


  1. To all. Avoid agency recruiters. My experience with agency recruiters has led me to the inevitable conclusion that the agency recruiting "profession" is undoubtedly an ethically polluted cesspool. My redundancy is intentional to reinforce my adamant, acerbic opinion concerning many morally bankrupt, treacherously perfidious agency recruiters.
    If anyone wishes for details, including my own transgressions, please leave a message and it shall so be.

  2. Mac, I definitely agree with you.